Common Fixes

How To Stop Avast Antivirus (AVG) From Blocking Webmail

If Avast (AVG) is blocking your access to webmail, you can add an exception for access using the following steps:   1.  Open Avast Antivirus and go to Menu -> Settings. 2.  Select General -> Exceptions, then click Add Exception. 3.   Type in “” or “”, then click Add Exception.

Mail Client Repeatedly Asks For Password

If your email client repeatedly asks for you to enter your email password, please check the following settings:   1.  Test your credentials by logging into webmail (check here to see which webmail server applies to you).  If you are able to access webmail, go to step 2.  If you get a login error, go [...]

Email Server Settings

Use these settings to verify against your email client or to configure an email client that does not have a specific knowledge base entry. iquest.netlightbound.comscican.nethosting IMAP Settings (recommended) Incoming mail server: Incoming mail type: SSL incoming port (recommended): Non-SSL incoming port: Username: IMAP 993 (enable SSL settings) 143 (disable SSL settings) <username> POP3 [...]