Software Design

Our software development division develops advanced intranet and extranet systems for a wide range of applications.

Using process methodologies such as Capability Maturity Model Integration, or CMMI, we oversee all aspects of the software life cycle from requirements analysis to deployment.

Reflecting on the aspects of the software’s goals, we utilize the following strategies when developing a software solution:

Requirements Analysis — determining identifiable business needs and systematic purposing to attain measurable goals.

Architectural Framework — define direction of data structure and integrate best practices and design logic.

Design Methodologies — plan component and platform specifics, generate technology neutral implementation.

Algorithmic Implementation — produce software solution based on efficient and maintainable engineering disciplines.

Empirical Testing & Quality Assurance — investigate and establish the desired behavior of the software solution.

Transitional Deployment — release, install, and configure executable components in production environment.

Featured Project

Time Management & Online Scheduling

A convenient tool for appointment scheduling and time management, our online scheduling service provides scheduling capabilities for fixed based operators, flight schools, and flying clubs.Our service comes with affordable pricing, versatile functionality, an easy to use interface, and a wide array of configuration options to complete your most judicious time management requirements.

Taking appointments online will do great things for your business. Web based scheduling gives you a new way to interact with your customers. Although they can still call in or make an appointment in person, many will prefer the convenience of web based, self service scheduling.

Web based scheduling streamlines the appointment booking process, allowing you to book more appointments and spend less time juggling your appointment book.

More Appointments, Fewer Hassles

With a valid username and password, your customers can login, day or night, check your availability, and book an appointment. There are never any conflicts or accidental double bookings because our software is a real time scheduling application.

Our scheduling platform provides a rich set of features and methods to address virtually any scheduling scenario. You can choose what resources to expose and even customize the interface to carry your own brand identity.

We are an application service provider (ASP) — your online scheduler is hosted at our secure data center where you and your customers can access it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is no software to purchase, install, or maintain.

Enhancing your business with our easy to use online scheduling service will give your business the competitive edge it needs to attract more customers, increase your profitability, and keep your business moving forward.

Power Scheduling and Time Management

Simplify your appointment bookings by using our convenient self service web based scheduling and spend less time managing your appointment book and more time managing your business!

24/7/365 online appointment scheduling

Graphical, interactive calendar

No software to buy or maintain

Password controlled access

Automatic database backup

Users enjoy the following features:

Access via Internet anywhere in the world

Schedule with only 3 mouse clicks

Obtain a list of future signups

Receive an email confirmation of schedule changes

Securely obtain forgotten passwords with no administrative assistance

Administrators can do everything users can do plus the following:

Signup, delete, or edit schedules for any user

Edit announcements that all users see when they first login

Add, delete, or edit an airplane, instructor, or user in under a minute

Control appointment cancellation and no show policies

View of log of who logged in, what they did, and what time

Flat Rate Pricing with No Setup Fee

Get Started For As Low As $15/mon Today!

Our packages offer great value and are designed to get you up and running quickly and efficiently, allowing you to turn your online scheduling service into the only tool you will ever need to manage all your daily appointment scheduling tasks.

Customers who pay annually receive a 10% discount not available on monthly or quarterly payment cycles.

Need special add-ons to separate you from your competitors? Our ala carte value added services such as corporate branding and onsite training can give your business the edge it needs to attract customers.

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