Our Culture

At Graysmark, organizational excellence is in the service of our mission and is our collective and individual responsibility.   While we rely on operational guidelines, we also rely on the mutual trust and good judgment of our employees.

As we work toward achieving and sustaining organizational excellence, we seek the following traits for Graysmark and our employees, as a whole:


We expect our employees to make sound and objective decisions based on a variety of factors, including past experience and perspective on present options.


Communication is the thread the binds the tapestry of any corporate culture. Communication delivers information, provides inspiration, and serves accountability. We believe that communication isn’t just about talking — it’s also about listening to what others have to say.


Achieving sustainable innovation is the balance between fostering good ideas that can work and the realization that many ideas won’t. We trust our employees to make smart decisions free of criticism and blame, while embracing new ideas and new approaches to deliver our services.


Everyone is empowered to ask questions whenever they believe we’re off course, and each of us will admit our mistakes, learn from them, and help us make progress in creating the workplace culture we all expect.


Integrity is about conducting oneself in ways that demonstrate ethical standards both professionally and personally. People with integrity are honest, keep their promises, and demonstrate their commitment to ethical values in all they say and do.