Ethical Commitment

Since our founding in 1992, we have firmly believed that our word is our bond. Today, this still remains the standard by which we do business. With every engagement, we strive to operate honorably and responsibly while holding ourselves accountable to our clients.

Put simply, it’s just how we do business.

We believe ethical behavior is an individual responsibility. Regardless of position, behavior reflecting the highest ethical standards is expected of all directors, employees, and others who are bound by our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. No one at Graysmark has the authority to violate or require conduct by another employee or any other person that violates the Code, other Graysmark policies, or the law.

Our commitment to the Code starts at the very top of the company. Directors and officers are bound by the code, as are all employees. As a corporate community, we are responsible for becoming familiar with and abiding by it. We also understand that no code can anticipate every ethical decision we face in business so it is important that we also incorporate reliable guidelines such as wisdom, sound judgment, and common sense.

Following The Principles Of Honor, Dignity, and Integrity

Adherence to high standards of business conduct has been important to us since our founding in 1992.  We are committed to treat our employees and clients with honor, dignity, integrity, and respect.  In addition, each Graysmark employee abides by the following seven simple rules of conduct:

      • We obey the law.
      • We conduct our business ethically and with integrity.
      • We keep accurate and honest records.
      • We honor our business obligations.
      • We treat people with dignity and respect.
      • We protect Graysmark’s information, assets, and interests.
      • We are committed to being responsible corporate citizens.


We know that our company’s growth and ability to serve our clients depends on the way we treat people, clients, and each other.  By continuing these efforts that have been in place since our inception, we will continue to grow responsibly and profitably.