Research & Development

Our research and development division brings together data, analytics, software, and architectures to explore new and emerging technologies, then leverages those technologies to create innovative and useful results tailored for both businesses and end consumers.

We take pride in designing and developing forward looking technologies that will help businesses and consumers stay ahead of the technology curve.   The drive to keep pushing forward enables us to find new ways of solving problems and create solutions that are efficient and cost-effective.

Through projects carried out by multidisciplinary teams, we are exploring new horizons in technology, driven by a commitment to succeed and accelerate human access to innovation.   By combining innovation with opportunity, we seek to introduce technology solutions that creatively connect people, devices, environment, and information, seamlessly and collaboratively.

Current Projects

Speech Recognition – Integrating speech recognition technology into the Asterisk PBX system for use in voice driven menus and voicemail transcription

Biometric Speech Identification – Developing technologies and processes to analyze and verify digital voice print formants

Smarthome Integration – Developing internal infrastructure to provide voice command integration and house-wide annunciation into popular home automation software